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Our story

Twenty years ago, it cost $2.7 billion to sequence the human genome. Now, that’s closer to $500. More than ever before, we can use genetic testing to stay healthy by predicting and preventing health issues long before they happen. And yet, we’re still living a world where healthcare is about treating sickness rather than preventing it.

Though we found our way to the power and potential of genomics through such different paths, we were always aligned in what we wanted to create and the impact we wanted to make.

Everyday since we began, we’ve been on a mission to help all families gain personal knowledge about their genetics, navigate the vulnerability of health, and be empowered to own their health journey from start to finish.

Meet our genetics experts

Prof. Ingrid Winship

Professor of Genetics

Annabelle Kerr

Genetic Counsellor

Erin Macaulay

Genetic Counsellor

Ellie Greenberg

Assoc. Genetic Counsellor