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What can I do with my reproductive carrier results?

What can I do with my reproductive carrier results?


Carrier screening is a way to understand if there's a higher chance of having a child impacted by a genetic condition, so you can make informed and empowered reproductive choices.

The test results may indicate that you are a healthy carrier of a genetic condition, which is actually pretty common. But if couples are carriers of the same genetic condition, or if a female is a carrier of an X-linked condition, then it's important to know that there's a 25% or greater chance of having a child together impacted by the condition.

But with knowledge comes options!

Our experienced genetic counsellors at Eugene are here to provide you with the support you need to understand your results and explore the potential next steps, which may include preparing for the birth of a child at increased risk, prenatal diagnosis, IVF with preimplantation genetic testing, or other equally important options.

It's important to have all the information to make the best decisions for yourself and your future family, carrier screening is a great way to understand your reproductive options. If you would love to learn more about your personal journey and we can look into it together and explore the process, book your free chat with a genetic counsellor.